What is a blog? And why I love Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles


Everyone knows what a blog is. Do you?

A blog is a place where your readers can come and feel loved and wanted.

Is that how you see your blog?

Your blog is all about your readers and how they feel about you.

I love eating Rowntree Fruit Pastilles, I always have ever since I was a girl. I can’t just eat one of them, I keep returning to the packet until they are all gone.

That is what you want your readers to do. You want them to keep returning to your blog again and again because they love what you give them, a real feel good experience.

 Is your blog getting the results you want? Are you getting readers returning to your blog week after week?

If not, why not?

Traditional ways of marketing are changing. Your blog is not about who you are anymore it is about your readers. And your readers will become your subscribers who in turn will become your clients. You do not want traffic, you want visitors who will drop by regularly at the drop of a hat because they love the experience that you give them.

The future for your blog and your business rests with you.


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