Flagship Writing provides credible, reliable and creative content for your business website, magazine or blog.

Flagship Writing also provides bold, dynamic, sales copy and a sizzling slant  to sell your products, inform your customers, or pitch your ideas.

Is your website just another sales pitch adding to the already cluttered sales pitches out there? Or are you a cut above the rest? Are you providing rich information for your consumers?  You may have a fancy website but without the power of magically crafted words, to excite and  attract, your business will be the Cinderella of cyberspace.

Creative content is the king pin in your content marketing strategy.

Is the quality of writing on your web site or in your marketing materials up to the standard that you want? Does your website need a revamp?

Do you have the time and energy needed to write great copy and content yourself? If not contact me now.

Before I work with you I’d like to hear your story. I listen to your needs, wants and dreams. Together we will work as a team. And then I can deliver magic words customised to your blog, magazine or business that will deliver the results you want.

Flagship writing will write your blogs, articles, e-books and newsletters to add rich information to your content marketing arsenal. Flagship writing is customised to suit your needs. Flagship writing  also writes guest posts which are a great way to make yourself known and drive more clients to your website.

Flagship Writing is an old fashioned business that focuses on you, the client.

Let my words work their magic for you, saving you time, energy and much angst.

Contact me now with a brief outline of what you want to achieve and I will get right back to you for further discussions. And when I understand exactly what you want, I will give you my best quote. Warning:  If you are looking for very low budget writing then I will not be a good fit for you.

How much will it cost? Each project is an original  with different formats and lengths and research needed. Each project will be assessed on its own merits.

Flagship Writing provides quality writing for a reasonable investment in your business.

Would you like me to write great copy for you? Contact me now and tell me what you need and I will get right back to you for further discussions.