How to turn your writing hobby into a profitable business.  A review of Damn Fine Words writing course

Writing is a learned skill. People who write well have had to learn to write well. As with any skill, your writing will improve with practice, lots of practice. And it will improve even quicker as you master writing techniques and strategies that can be learnt by taking a quality-writing course.

I have always written. Poetry, short stories and plays, all for my own amusement. English was my ‘A’ grade subject, so you could say that I did have a degree of natural talent for the written word but writing is so much more than the ability to string words together in a coherent fashion. Writing well requires a degree of confidence, discipline and a great deal of persistence.

Why I enrolled in DFW writing course

I was looking to start a new business and I was toying with the idea of freelance writing but as usual I was undecided and procrastinating. Out of the blue I got an email from James Chartrand. I had been on her mailing list as a subscriber to Men with Pens for a matter of weeks. It was as if she knew what I wanted and was talking personally to me. (Just one of the many writing techniques that can be learned in this course.)

What is that saying? When the student is ready the teacher appears? Well this was one of those times. She offered me the opportunity to join the course and I turned her down flat in a reply email because the fee turned me off. And then I did a complete turn around and signed up. Why? I think James was selling me much more than a writing course that day, she was selling me hope.

Damn Fine Words (DFW) is a writing course for business owners structured so that you can achieve success in your writing and in your business. You’ll be able to write more effectively to convey your ideas to your audience or sell products to your clients.

Now many writing courses tell you that to be a successful writer you must write regularly BUT they don’t all tell you HOW to do it.  DFW holds your hand every step of the way and tells you in great detail exactly HOW to write your first draft with clarity and ease.  It provides you with a safe place to test your writing ideas with empathic others before you share them with the world.

You also get one-on-one feedback and help from the creator of DFW, James Chartrand: successful copywriter, blogger, entrepreneur and author of the famous blog ‘Men with Pens’.

I didn’t really believe that my writing hobby could be profitable. I lacked the confidence that was needed to pursue my writing seriously. DFW didn’t teach me the basics of writing, I knew that already, but it gave me the confidence to write 2 e-books one of which can be found at Psyche Buzz called “ Who were you before you were born?” and the other is called “ Reaching through the Fear” and this is coming out soon.

What DFW has done for me?

  •  DFW has given me a regular writing routine
  •  DFW has helped me to structure and plan my writing much more than I ever did before
  •  DFW has helped me to adapt my writing for the internet
  •  DFW has made me realise that there is always room for improvement in my writing
  •  DFW has given me the courage to face the blank page
  •  DFW has given me new found confidence in my writing
  •  DFW has helped me become published
  •  DFW has helped me write 2 e-books
  •  DFW has helped me realise that my writing struggles were mostly psychological

I am a psychotherapist and yet I did not have the belief in myself that I could begin another business as a writer as well. I now realise that I can. DFW has given me the courage to open a writing business in conjunction to my psychotherapy practice.

The costs of DFW

 When I told my partner that I had just paid $1599 for a writing course that I probably didn’t need, he nearly had a heart attack.

Yes, it is an expensive course. And no it isn’t worth it if you don’t participate in the lessons and practice your writing daily. It’s only worth the investment if you knuckle down and do the work. I recommend it whole-heartedly to you if you are serious about your writing.

What I did not like about the DFW Course

 Every one is different, everyone writes differently and sometimes I felt that my writing was a little inhibited by too much structure and planning. But once I began to respect these structures as flexible guidelines instead of ‘my way or the highway’ rules, my writing flowed better.

Overall there isn’t much that I didn’t like about this writing course except maybe it could have been less expensive and therefore more accessible to startup businesses.

Why I would recommend DFW to you

 DFW is a practical, hands-on writing course that pushes you to improve your writing skills for your online business.

Do you have something important to say but struggle with the words?

Are you a business owner who wants to use the power of words to move your business upwards to an exciting new level but has no idea how to start?

Then the DFW writers’ course is for you.

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