How you can be a blogging hero with your own writing style.

When I began to blog, I found myself reading many different blogs that seemed to have nailed a great writing style. Many of them also had huge followings. I wanted to write like these bloggers. And so I did. I tried to imitate their cool style of writing. I even sent a guest post out in my new style. But guess what? I wasn’t successful. Why not? Because I was so busy trying to be someone else I forgot to be me.

Trying to write in a style that is not yours is a bit like putting on a pair of jeans that is 2 sizes too small, it’s impossible. In my desire to be a great blogger, I looked all around me for great ideas but I forgot to look to myself.

To be a blogging hero, you need to develop a distinctive style of your own. It is not something that you have to look for. It is there within you whenever you write.

By all means find out what other bloggers are writing, and what they are doing to achieve great results, but write what you want to write.  Be curious, be innovative but above all be you.

Many of the ingredients that make a writer can be learned, copied or changed but you are unique, there will never be another you, so enjoy your own special essence that you will bring to everything you write.




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