How to become a flagship writer- 10 actions to fast track your writing


Hey, being a  flagship writer is not easy. You cannot read a book on writing, or do a  writing course and suddenly expect the writing world to fall at your feet. Becoming a great writer takes time. Becoming a great writer takes practice, lots of it. There is no easy way. I know, I’ve tried to find it but it doesn’t exist.

The only way to become a writer is to write. Write a story from the beginning to the end or write an article from beginning to end. And then do it again and again until it gets easier. Did I say easier? Somedays it’s easier and  other days  it’s like pulling teeth BUT on those days don’t give up until you have a degree of success because this will give you the motivation to carry on the next day.

Everyone has a life outside of writing but the important thing to remember is that if you want to be a flagship writer you need to prioritise your writing over and above everything else.

There are no magic formulas  to becoming a writer but you do need 2 things that  I consider to be  the necessary platform to begin. Those 2 things are discipline and desire. Discipline is the ‘nuts and bolts’ of becoming a flagship writer and desire is the passion that fuels and drives  you to keep  motivated and on track.

Here are 10 actions to fast track your writing

1) Find a private place where you can write uninterrupted.

2) Develop a writing routine at a regular time or times each day.

3) Keep a notebook on you to write down any ideas that may come to you during the day.

4) Observe all that is  happening around you. Eavesdrop conversations. Read books and newspapers. Watch television and movies.

5)  Join a writers’ group  for support.

6) Educate yourself in the type of writing that you want to pursue.

7) Subscribe to great writing sites such as Copyblogger or Men with pens and read what other great writers are up to.

8) Write a short ‘to do’ list that aims to complete at least one writing assignment a day. If the writing assignment is large then break it down over a period of  time. Aim to have some successful, finished writing each day.

9) Follow your own writing rituals, don’t do what other writers do, do what works for you.

10) Write down your long term goals. Where would you like to be one year from now?

These 10 actions are just a beginning to help you on the way to being a flagship writer.

Can you think of any other actions to start you off on the road to be a flagship writer?


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