How to become a flagship writer- 10 actions to fast track your writing


Hey, being a  flagship writer is not easy. You cannot read a book on writing, or do a  writing course and suddenly expect the writing world to fall at your feet. Becoming a great writer takes time. Becoming a great writer takes practice, lots of it. There is no easy way. I know, I’ve tried to [...]

How you can be a blogging hero with your own writing style.


When I began to blog, I found myself reading many different blogs that seemed to have nailed a great writing style. Many of them also had huge followings. I wanted to write like these bloggers. And so I did. I tried to imitate their cool style of writing. I even sent a guest post out [...]

Is your blog ‘blah blah’ boring or is it brimming with creativity?


  Are you having trouble coming up with new content for your blog? Originality is a wasted search for it has all been done. Look to the past and what has gone before with a fresh perspective. Recycle well worn ideas into new directions. Link the past to the present day. Be curious, look outside [...]

Grow your business blog and community with stories


    Telling stories is a way that wisdom is passed around. Do you live in a world of stories or facts and figures? There is no meaning in facts and figures. Stories touch our hearts and minds and make us feel. And it is when we feel that we act. In the telling of [...]

What is a blog? And why I love Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles


  Everyone knows what a blog is. Do you? A blog is a place where your readers can come and feel loved and wanted. Is that how you see your blog? Your blog is all about your readers and how they feel about you. I love eating Rowntree Fruit Pastilles, I always have ever since [...]

A Really Cool Way to become an Awesome Writer


I’m about to change your life. I’m about to tell you something that will blow you away. Something that will rattle your brain cells into a frenzy. Something that is so obvious that everyone can see it except you. And what exactly is that? You are already an awesome writer. How do you feel about [...]

Does your blog have balls or is it dying? 8 ways to keep your blog alive by finding great content.


Does your blog have balls?  Does your blog have fresh original content that will blow my mind? Is it a place where I can hang around for a while to breathe in some new knowledge? Are there insane and wonderful words that will draw me in again and again? And what about the visuals? Are there [...]