Does your blog have balls or is it dying? 8 ways to keep your blog alive by finding great content.

Does your blog have balls?  Does your blog have fresh original content that will blow my mind?

Is it a place where I can hang around for a while to breathe in some new knowledge?

Are there insane and wonderful words that will draw me in again and again?

And what about the visuals? Are there a few snazzy photos or even a video?

Or does it serve up the same old mashed potato that’s been hiding in someone else’s fridge from last week carefully rehashed as a poor man’s bubble and squeak?

 Blogging is not an easy pursuit.

Just as there are many great and not so great books there are many great and not so great blogs. Many blog owners become disillusioned at their lack of subscribers. And the constant grind of coming up with useful content drives them to abandon their blogs.

You can see these, once loved, carcasses strewn throughout cyberspace and it is sad and eerie to dip into the pages of a blog that has died.

Have you ever felt like giving up on your blog? Is your inner critic setting you up to fail before you’ve given yourself a chance to shine?

Are you disillusioned with the dreamtime gurus who play with your head and spout porkies about how easy it is to make money from your blog?

You didn’t really believe them did you?

I did for a while…a very short while.

 Blogging is not a joy ride.

It can be bloody hard work. It requires passion, desire and most of all persistence. And when you are tearing your hair out about what to blog about, maybe these 8 ways to keep your blog alive will help.

 8 ways to keep your blog alive by finding great content.

  • Subscribe to at least 20 RSS feeds from popular blogs in your niche. Make a point of scanning these posts when you need inspiration to see what your sparring blogs are writing about.
  • Subscribe to 10 not so well known blogs in your niche that you like and that have content that resonates with you.
  • Explore blogs from other niches that may inspire you with the help of All Top where there is a very comprehensive list and links to blogs in all niches.
  • Set up Google alerts in subject areas of interest to you. This will provide you with the latest info. on what’s happening on the web in your chosen areas.
  • Listen in on social media sites such as twitter to see what the talk of the day is.
  • Join Linked in to connect with other bloggers or writers who may give you some fresh ideas from their conversations.
  •  Build a library at home in your niche. Whilst online info. is useful, there is also plenty of material for thought in the more traditional medium of books.
  • Download free samples of kindle books in topics that are of interest. You don’t have to buy the whole book unless it really turns you on; chances are that the sample will stir up some creative energy for your blog.

Blogging is not easy, nothing worth having is easy. We have to make things happen and it doesn’t happen overnight. We can’t give up without a struggle and we have to put our failures into perspective.

I have been recently talking to people who have decided to give up on their blogs, who have decided to give up writing altogether because no one is hailing them as the next Brian Clark or Jon Morrow. Is this you?

Are you trying to compare yourself to one of the greats after 5 minutes in the business? Are you feeling sorry for yourself because no one is beating a trail to your website?

Are you are giving up on your writing and blogging for no other reason than you think it is too hard?

No one will miss you if you run away.

So what are you going to do? Are you going to give your blog balls or let it die?

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